We chose to have newborn photos taken of both of our baby girls because 

1: We found an amazing photographer that came to our house 

2: We could afford it at the time 

3: We wanted those beautiful memories!! 



Shout out to the amazing www.pregnantmemories.com

Rikki-Lee comes to your house, is super laid back, makes you feel so comfortable, takes the stress completely out of the equation and captures the most adorable photos!! Do yourself a favour, if you are after an amazing newborn photographer then check her out!! You wont go wrong!!

          newborn baby girl, newborn photography


You can never (and believe me I tried), get the same result when you try and take these photos yourself!! It is like any trade, you get what you pay for and they are professionally trained so pay the money and get those beautiful memories that you will cherish forever!!

Even the most difficult child will settle for someone else if you start to do something that they are interested in, like play a game or blow bubbles or just let the child be a child and play, then capture those moments!! Again newborn photographers are used to working with children and if you get a good one they take the stress out of the situation for you!! Not many toddlers are just keen to sit and wait

We ended up getting some really cute family photos with our second daughter Sienna when Indy was 2 at the time and WILD!!! So take it from me, its defiantly worth it !!

           newborn photography, family photos of our second daughter



When you are having your first baby, it can cost alot of money to get set up so something like photos might not be in the budget!!

I totally get this,

but I still think that it is totally worth the time and money!!

Even if you have to wait until baby is a few weeks older to get those smiles and giggles or even splurge out for their first birthday instead, do a cake smash or something like that??

Their are so many people that take amazing photos themselves these days but I am not one of those people so i really appreciate the art of it all.


         newborn, family photoshoot


Are you having a baby shower, are people asking what to get you as a gift?? Why not think outside the box and ask for a newborn photoshoot?? You could ask a couple of close friends or family members to pitch in to take the 'session' price off you and then all you have to do is pay for the photos!! 

These can also then turn around and be great print outs to give to grandparents 

       newborn baby girl having a newborn photoshoot



Pinterest is a great place to get inspo for your upcoming shoot!!

If you are really unsure, you will get great ideas from the photographers website or just ask in the consultation period for them to send you ideas to see if that is what you are after??

I love our newborn pictures that we created we got a mixture between "lifestyle" natural looking ones and posed baby ones!! Its just so nice to look back on when we where just stuck in that newborn bubble!! 


       our family having a newborn family photoshoot



Fluf gifts has a beautiful range of unique patterned swaddles baby blanket, wrap and baby gown sets, paired with baby accessories that are perfect for newborn photos!! 


Twin girls having a photoshoot with mum
baby girl newborn photoshoot
newborn family photoshoot wearing fluf gifts
matching brother and sister wearing fluf gifts newborn photoshoot
In summary, I LOVE and adore what newborn/ family photographers do and I think that they deserve more shout outs for the beautiful images that they create



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