Fluf gifts, how to organise an unforgettable baby shower


Wanting to throw a baby shower for a friend or family member?

I will go through some of the steps on how to throw an unforgettable baby shower for any expecting parent.

Typically, who throws the baby shower?

When a baby is on the way, the expectant parents are not the only ones who get excited!

Typically, a close friend or one of the grandmas-to-be, a sister or other family members will help throw the baby shower. Traditionally, planning a baby shower is not done by the expectant mother herself however most like to be involved but make sure you do the heavy lifting. After all the meaning of a baby shower is to “shower” expected parents and newborn baby with gifts and love!

No baby showers are not just for the mum’s, expectant dad’s quiet often like to be involved as well!!

When to have a baby shower?

There are no rules to say when you should have your baby shower, it is all how the expected mother is feeling!! Most baby showers are thrown approximately 4 to 6 weeks before the baby is born. That way, guests and planner of baby shower celebration can have the baby’s gender in mind when choosing gifts and decorations. It also means that expecting mum will have a clearer picture of the items that they are still missing and that their loved ones could help with.

Baby shower themes and decorations

What is the right theme for a baby shower??

Great question!!

Talk to the expectant parents and find out what THEY want!! After all it is their party even though you might be throwing it for them, if they hate pink and you do everything pink then its not going to go down very well!!

Some questions could be, are they having a baby girl and want to have all pink or are they having a baby boy and wanting all blue, do they not know the sex of the baby yet and wanting to have everything neutral or to have more of a gender reveal theme?

Do they have a favourite colour, character or style?

Have they named their baby already and want it to be personalised to the baby?

If you know them well then most of the time, they will give you free range which is awesome.

Balloon garlands, flower walls and photo backdrops are super popular for baby showers now, you could do a large area just for photos and that could be all the decorations you need?

Most restaurants will ask you what colours etc you are wanting and set the tables up beautifully for you, but you could also bring little extras if they do not have them like fresh flowers or balloons to make the room look extra perfect.

Baby shower table decoration ideas fluf gifts             White and gold balloon garland baby photo prop fluf gifts  

Newborn baby gift ideas

Parents can create a gift registry, which yes this is totally acceptable and often extremely helpful for the guests to let them know what you want or still need for your newborn baby and to help doubling up on the same things.

Gifts can be anything from your favourite Fluf gifts luxury giftbox, bamboo spandex swaddle, knotted gown or animal rattle set, newborn nappies, singlets, onesies, cot/bassinet sheets, cute outfits, hooded towels, face cloths. You can also give mum something to pamper herself with, such as face masks, scented candles, nice robe, new scrunchie for all those mum buns, or if mum and dad need help with one of the costlier items, you can talk to guests and try to raise the money to give a bigger gift together.

 Fluf gifts Maggie Mae luxury baby giftbox        Fluf gifts baby bear luxury baby gift box      Fluf gifts peachy knotted gown with matching bow turban

 Fluf gifts baby bear bamboo swaddle with matching beanie set             fluf gifts adorable koala rattle, beaded bracelet, pacifier clip set       twin baby girls matching in fluf gifts little blue swaddle with matching turban

Choosing the right venue for your baby shower 

Choosing the right venue for your baby shower will depend on the number of guests that you have invited.

There are so many amazing venues that will cater for your baby shower, these could include, the home of expecting parents or host of baby shower, at the beach, a park, high tea café, parents favourite restaurant. The most important things to keep in mind are budget and what kind of baby shower you are holding!?

So, a park or at the beach could be ideal if you are planning lots of fun games and have more of a BBQ baby shower with dads included. A restaurant or high tea café on the other hand, could be more appropriate for a classier baby shower with just the ladies.

If you do end up holding it at the home of the expecting parents just make sure that someone is there at the end to help with the clean up!! everyone loves a party, but nobody loves a clean-up especially in the third trimester of your pregnancy!!

There are so many types of baby showers now it is hard to keep up but just remember if you are planning the event, it is not for you it is for the expecting parents, so it is always a good idea to ask their thoughts on activities that are being planned.

                                      stunning and fancy setting to celebrate a newborn baby                

Baby shower Games Yes, or No?

There are thousands of games you could play at a baby shower but again make sure you think about the expecting parents when organizing them and think about what kind of baby shower you are throwing.

For an outdoor BBQ baby shower, you can play games like:

Baby stroller Olympics:

This is a great baby shower game for couples with athletic and competitive friends. You will need a pram, a baby doll, a timer, and a few traffic cones or chairs or any large objects you can use to create an obstacle course. The soon-to-be parents can serve as judges.


Be the first player or team to reach exactly 50 points by knocking down the numbered pins. 

For an inside baby shower:

Baby bingo, name that nursery rhyme, how well do you know the mother/parents to be, advise for the expecting parents. All these options are available as printable cards online in a variety of different colours and themes.

baby bingo is a fun game to play at a baby shower  Finska an outdoor game for individuals or groups             Baby predictions and advice card for expecting parents


 Baby shower food and drink

-Take all the hassle out of cooking and hire a food cart

-Grazing boards are great and super easy!! you can fill them up with a variety of yummy finger foods then everyone just helps themselves.

-The good old BBQ always goes down a treat, but it just means someone will have to do the cooking (aka dad or grandad to be!?)

-If you are holding the baby shower at a venue, ask what options they have that are within your budget and taste. There are some great places that do the perfect high tea for any excepting mum and can also cater for the dads by offering more of a grazing board, catch is they still must drink from the fancy teacups with their pinkie’s out. (That is what you can tell them anyway)


If you are hosting it yourself, a ‘drink station’ is a great idea! You can hire bar carts for an outdoor shower- some come with a variety of alcohol and a server.

Large non-alcoholic and alcoholic punch, LABEL WELL!!

Small individual water bottles

Champagne on ice



Large grazing board platter for a baby shower White drink cart for a baby party celebration Large alcoholic or non alcoholic punch bowl for a baby reveal Delicious selection of bite sized nibbles for a high tea baby shower  Fancy ham and cucumber sandwiches to celebrate a new baby

 Baby shower cake

I have seen some extravagant baby shower cakes, baby shower cakes shaped like real life babies, baby shower cakes towering higher than a wedding cake but refer to your 'Theme' as to the style and size of your cake. It is great to get ideas online however baby shower cakes can also get very costly!! Most of the time, you will have a baker in the family somewhere so why not reach out to grandma or aunty and see if someone can make one as a gift to you!? 'Nude' cakes with a few flowers on top are unbelievably cute and simple.

Another option instead of cake could be baby shower cookies or cupcakes which then could double up as a little take home gift for your guests.  

Some expecting parents might also use this as a chance to do a baby gender reveal if they have not already spilled the beans and want to have a joint baby celebration.

                                   stunning neutral cake for a baby shower, gender reveal or to celebrate a newborn baby


What to wear as the mum to be!?

The most important thing to remember is for you to be comfortable!! It can be a long day catching up with everyone, having lots of photos and being the center of attention so the last thing you need to be worried about is comfort!!

 tight pink off the shoulder and floral floaty dress for expecting mums      long beige boho dress for pregnant mum       short white flowy dress with lace detail for a pregnant woman      pregnancy stretchy pastel blue one shoulder tight midi dress      comfortable flowy dress for pregnant belly white with frills

I hope that has given you a clear idea how to throw an unforgettable baby shower!!!

Remember to always check with the expectant parents if they are happy with the date of the baby shower, baby shower theme, colours, guest list, games, baby gift ideas or baby gift register and just the overall day to celebrate their new baby girl or baby boy 

Most importantly have fun and shower the expectant parents and their baby/babies to be with love and happiness 


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