One of the most exciting moments of your life is finding out you’re pregnant.

Here are some ideas to announce your exciting news........ 


Baby shoes are just the cutest!

Share a picture of those stylish tiny shoes to let the secret out, a simple picture of you and your partner holding a little pair of shoes is a sure give away. 

If you have other children or pets already, you could also take a picture with all of your shoes/feet lined up together with the little baby shoes in the mix.


black and white little baby shoes, baby announcement ideas fluf gifts


If you are also an animal lover, chances are you became a pet parent first. Why not use your 'first baby' in your announcements?

If you have an inside pet, invite your closet friends and family around, place a bandana on your pet that says "mum and dad are getting me a human" and see how long it takes for someone to pick up on it!!

You could also just take a super cute photo of your pet wearing glasses reading a how to be a big brother/sister book.


Dog reading a book on how to become a big brother for a baby announcement photoshoot fluf gifts



Get an old shoe box or something similar, fill it with your positive pregnancy test, a onesie that says hello daddy, some baby shoes or blankie?

Wrap it up and tell your partner that you have brought them a gift. 

Film their reaction as they open it up and see how long it takes them to catch on.


baby gift box to announce to your husband that you are pregnant fluf gifts



Get a few of your scan photos printed out, buy some stylish frames to put them in, wrap them up and gift them to your parents. Pair with a card saying " the first picture of your grandchild" 

Get a professional to take some photos (or do with the timer on your camera) of you and your partner holding your scan photos and send to friends and family 


scan photo to give to grandparents of newborn baby



If you have other children then get them involved in announcing their soon to be sibling, they will love it!!!

Have an older sibling hold the scan photos, get them to wear a t-shirt with a message saying big brother/sister, hold up a sign or a book about becoming an older brother or sister.

Sign or balloon saying best friend loading.


big brother announcing his parents are expecting a baby



-Take a photo of your partner surrounded by beer bottles and mum surrounded by favourite food with a caption saying drinking for 2 and eating for 2.

-Photo of your holding a sign saying we decided we didn't like sleep anymore.

-Stand in the kitchen with baking goods and have a sign saying we have a bun in the oven 

- you + me = 3

- mum and dad hats or t-shirts for a photoshoot 

photoshoot to announce that you are pregnant



Don't peak!!! Put the gender of your baby into an envelope, give this envelope to someone you trust and get them to buy the right colour canon's or balloon reveal balloon.

You can film this with just you and your partner popping it to reveal gender colour, then post online for all to see or get all your friends and family together so they can be there with you in person when you find out the gender of your baby.

You can also get someone to fill a large box with the gender colour balloons then get expecting parents to open the box and have the gender reveal colour balloons float out.

balloon pop baby gender reveal


Give your gender reveal envelope to a baker or family member and get them to bake a cake which has the colour of your baby on the inside and plain on the outside. Expecting parents can then either cut or smash the cake to find out which colour is inside.

cake baby gender reveal for newborn baby



You can get special made golf balls online that explode with the gender reveal colour when you hit them.


gold swing baby gender reveal


The gender reveal burnout uses pink or blue plumes from the car’s tires to reveal the gender of the baby, you can purchase special kits online that comes with all you need to achieve this!! This one is great for car enthusiasts. 


burnout baby gender reveal baby boy


Get expecting mum to wear a white t-shirt,

Get a close friend or family member to blind fold you both

friend or family member then paints dad's hands with the colour of gender.

Position dad standing behind mum and get him to put his hands in a heart shape onto mum's belly, Take photo.

Do a count down then remove blind fold and then get dad to lift his hands off mum's belly to reveal what colour his hand prints are.


painted hands baby reveal


Give your gender reveal envelope to your local party shop and get them to make you a special piñata stuffed with gender coloured candy or confetti and then get expecting parents or guest's to swing away 


baby reveal pinata

If you and your partner did something unique or different or have any other interesting ideas let me know!! 


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