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Self- care provides an additional sense of identity for new parents and in turn helps you be the best version of yourselves for your newborn baby and whole family.

Whether you're a new parent or your babies are a little older, this is a great reminder of why you should never feel guilty about putting yourself first once and a while. 


As new parents we always try to sacrifice our own health to tend to the needs of our newborns and family.

We don't like to let anyone down and try to do everything. However it does more harm than good to not focus on ourselves once and a while!! 

Especially in those first few months of recovering from childbirth. 

I will be the first to admit that I am terrible at taking care of myself!! My husband and I have two girls, caesarean birth with both. With our second daughter I nearly put myself back in hospital because I was running around like a headless chicken after our other daughter along with lifting her and other items, driving to early and pretty much doing everything that they tell you not to do!!

I learnt pretty quick to slow down so that my body had a minute to heal. The healthier you are, the better you are to take care of your little one.


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I hear a lot of new parents say that they feel guilty if they take time out but taking care of yourself is not selfish!!!!!!!!

Being a parent does not mean that you have to forget about yourself. We all have responsibilities and life is only getting more and more busy by the day but we need to remember that we need balance.


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Workout at home together!! My girls are 2 and 4 and they love to get involved in my workouts. Most of the time they end up just crawling and climbing all over me or flat out dancing which makes the workout longer however I am still exercising, so releasing endorphins and also having a good laugh along the way. 

Get outside together, fresh air and sun can calm you and relieve you from stress. Go for a bike ride, walk, to the beach, kick a ball around the backyard, Invite a friend for coffee and meet at a playground- that way you are catching up and having time for yourself while entertaining the kids.


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It sounds trivial but taking time for yourself doesn't always mean that you have to be by yourself!

If your kids coming running to ask you to play then put down your phone or your work for 5-10 mins and draw or read a book or just enjoy playtime with them. Before you know it they will be grown and wont be asking you for anything!!

If you have newborns then give them loads of cuddles, read to them- even if its a book that you want to read they just love to hear your voice, sing, dance, walk.

Involve your kids in everyday chores to take the load of you. They LOVE being involved, they are learning and you get to take a breather while one of your jobs is getting ticked off!!

Get them to load the dishwasher, washing machine, run the vacuum over, cook together, put their toys away. It doesn't have to be perfect!!!! It may not be to the standard you would do it yourself but take a breath and try to have fun with it!! 

Have a movie night together!! if your kids are little and you don't want to get wiggles embedding on your brain, maybe put a kids movie on the tablet for the kids and an adult movie on the T.V ( or visa versa) its all about time together 

I heard a great saying ......





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We ALL need time alone!!!! it may be 5mins it may be 5hours but never be ashamed or afraid to ask for help!!! we all need it!!!

Ask your husband/wife/partner/family member, book a babysitter, to watch the kids while you take a long shower/bath, massage, get your hair/ nails done, go out for dinner and or drinks!? Whatever it is that takes you to that happy place!!

Seek professional advice if things are really getting on top of you!! Whatever/whoever it is that is going to help you get through the tough times!! 

Becoming a parent is a rollercoaster!! One day you will have it all under control and the next nothing is going right!! It is one of the happiest, most amazing, life changing but also the most challenging task you will take on!!

All newborn babies are different, just like all new parents will be different!! There is NO right or wrong we are all just trying to make it out alive :)


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