So your nearly ready to welcome your newborn into the world. 

Here are a few things that you can do to help prepare for their arrival.....



It's always a good idea to have a big cook up and freeze meals prior to babies arrival!!

It's great for those off day, days you have loads of visitors or you just feel too tired to cook!! this one is defiantly worth the prep!!

You can also freeze a batch of Lactation cookies that can come in handy, not only as a treat because they taste delicious, but for those days you are feeling like your milk needs a little boost

meals to prepare for the freezer so you are ready for babies arrival



It is a good idea to make this a priority and tick it off your list fairly early just in case baby wants to surprise you and come into the world before their due date.

Put together the larger items like bassinet, cot, change table or set of draws then you can add things like décor, clothing dividers, pictures later if you need to

Rattan nursery setup


If you are 100% confidant that you can do this yourself they come with instructions however you can also head to your local baby store and they will generally have someone there that can help you install your baby seat safety and securely.

 carseat for newborn



Buy your pram, set it up and take that puppy for a test 'drive'. Make sure you can fold it up, lift it in and out of your car and be ready to take it for a spin when your new little buddy arrives 

pram for newborn baby


Bulk buy household non perusable items so that when baby arrives you can just do smaller shops for fresh produce etc.

Also Bulk up on nappies and wipes so that you are prepared 

bulk buy groceries


Do all your appointments before baby comes. Get your hair done, waxing, nails, spa days, dentist because if you get a fussy baby you may not be seeing some of these people for a few months.

appointment card


This can be very difficult and i know people that couldn't decide until after baby was born, but at least write a list and agree on a few so baby is not left nameless 

Baby names


If you are having your first baby then book a little get away and pamper your partner. Do things that they want to do (within reason)

Once baby arrives your full attention will be on the baby so make sure you make your partner feel loved and special.

With these uncertain times, it is a good idea to not go to far away from home just incase you have to go into lockdown.

holiday destination for baby moon


It sounds silly but I myself am a clean freak!! so I did things like cleaned my windows, carpets, organized cupboards etc. Things you don't just do in your weekly clean, so once baby arrived I could spend time enjoying them and not be annoyed or worried about mess if I had visitors (everyone is different and this doesn't bother some people)

Clean windows


Pre-wash all of babies clothes, blankets, swaddles, cot sheets in a hypoallergic laundry powder so they are fresh and ready for your newborn's skin 

Laundry basket full of baby clothes


As much as it is important to remember things like babies going home outfit/announcement outfit it is equally important to not forget yourself!! pack things like breast and maternity pads, nipple cream, comfortable clothing, C panty ( amazing underwear to help you heal if you have a caesarean) favourite snacks and water bottle 

Also charge all your devices that you will be taking, laptop, phone, camera.

hospital bag ready for arrival of newborn


Pick out and buy a breast pump, bottles, teets, freezer bags, formula if can't, or plan to not, breast feed.

This is a personal preference and may take a couple of different teets to get the right one for your baby but it is very good to pack these things in your hospital bag as a backup 

Breast pump


Book in your birthing classes and hospital visits. It is always good to know where to go and how long it takes you to get to the hospital in case you have any early visitors.

I had to have 2x scheduled c sections but I have heard that birthing classes are amazing get your mind around the thought of giving birth and a little of what to expect.

Birthing classes


If you want to get those first precious moments of your newborn to remember forever then book in your newborn photographer. I had one that came to our house which made it SO much easier and more relaxed!! remember they are professionals so it doesn't matter if you or your house are not 'perfect' chances are they have seen it all!!

professional camera


Not only can you update your infant CPR first aid course but it is always good to have first aid supplies on hand at home as well!!

Vaporizers are great for when baby is snotty or just needs a little help sleeping, also you can get stuffy nasal sprays and bulbs that can be a miracle to have when they are newborns!

first aid kit ready for baby



Don't be afraid to say NO!!!

if you are too tired, or just cant think of anything worse than someone coming around then just say no!! people understand and are usually happy to wait until you are feeling up to it!!

Also make sure that everyone is up to date with Whooping cough vaccines and are in 100% health before they visit!! You will be surprised at how many will try to have a sneaky cuddle when they are sick just because they don't want to miss out!!

baby having visitors


Last but not the lest is....

Enjoy the nesting time!!!

Put your feet up, have a hot cup of tea or coffee and put your favourite t.v series on and just RELAX 

I think that parenting is 90% common sense so if you can look after yourself, chances are you will be able to look after your baby!!

But if you do have hard times, bad days or just are unsure what is going on then never be afraid to ask for help!! 

You've got this!!!!!!!


Pregnant mum with her feet up




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