Everyone is so busy these days trying to juggle work, home, relationships, family it can all be a bit much sometimes!!

Being a mum you always feel like there is a million and one things on the 'to do' list

Here is a little advice to hopefully help you stay on top of things


Meal prep and planning saves a lot of time. If you can make a rough plan of what you are going to eat for the week, then you will know exactly what to buy when you are doing your grocery shopping.

You can also pre-make and freeze meals for those really hectic days like curries, lasagna, casserole. Pre make snacks and cut up veges for the kids lunches, smoothies for quick breakfasts 

Make lunches the night before, pack the kindy/school bags with spare clothing, book, snacks anything that doesn't have to be in the fridge, prepare uniforms or clothing so the kids know where everything is and what they are wearing so you can be out of the house on time.

     meal prep for busy mums



Sometimes we all need some help. This will free up some time for you do what you need to do or to help take some things off your list.

Its amazing how much more you can get done when someone simply watches your kids for you.

    qoute about asking for help


You don't have to do it all yourself!!!!

Even at a young age you can teach your kids that it is good to help!!

My daughters are 2 and 5 and I get them to clean their rooms, make their beds, put their washing in the laundry, help me cut up and prep for dinner, tidy the shoes, sweep outside, help load and unload dishwasher. It sounds like a lot but we make it fun and they love to be involved!! It is teaching them important life lessons like how to be self sufficient.

      my baby girls helping cook dinner



Pick one of your less hectic afternoons/nights and do a couple of loads of washing to keep on top of it!! Then come the weekend you will have more free time to have fun with the family instead of being stuck at home cleaning and washing. 

     laundry on the line


A handy little friend to have is a weekly planner or wall calendar so you can see all your events and appointments right in front of you!! I like to make sure I really don't miss anything by also adding reminder alarms into my phone!!

Be verbal and tell your kids and partner what the upcoming appointments or events are so everybody knows what to expect and what is on for the week.

My 5 year old does swimming every Thursday afternoon so she now knows that she has to get into her togs, grab her towel and be ready to go when her sister wakes up from her afternoon nap. Personally i think kids love structure and routine, it works great for us! 


     wall calendar to stay organized as a busy mum


I hope these little things help to give you a little bit of extra time and less stress in your life!! organization might not be for everyone but it defiantly benefits you and will make your household run a little smoother if that's what you are after