There are a million and one things that you can buy for newborns and it can be very overwhelming!! But what does your newborn need and what can they can do without!?


Remember not to max out the credit card as soon as you see that positive pregnancy test !!!

If you are planning on having a baby shower, you can do a registry and end up with a lot of your essentials without having to buy them yourself!! People like to know what you need so they don't give you something you don't need or like.

Also don't be afraid to ask for a couple of things in the next size up because babies grow like wild fire!!

Depending on the season:

2-3 Fluf gifts bamboo spandex swaddles, or knotted gowns for sleeping

1-2 Heavier blankets for pram on cooler days 

4-7 socks or booties- shoes are cute but unnecessary until baby is walking 

4-8 full length onesies, 4-8 short onesies make sure these have either snaps or zip crutch for easy nappy changes

1-2 jumpers or cardigan 

4-8 singlets 

2-3 Rompers/going out outfits, accessories such as turban, headbands (newborn girl) beanies, hats (newborn boy)

Pacifier (If your thinking of using one, it's good to have one in the house for those moments when nothing else works) 

2-4 hooded towels and face cloths 

Sweet pea swaddle baby gift box set


Cot or bassinet, Some people put their baby straight into a cot, while others prefer to use a bassinet because some bassinets come on wheels which is handy for moving the baby from room to room with you.

Flat mattress that fits snugly in the cot (less than two fingers should fit between the mattress and crib

2 fitted cot or bassinet sheets 

Feeding chair (not necessary but defiantly handy to keep you comfortable if you are going to feed in the nursery)  

Lamp, keep bulb dull so that baby stays sleepy

Baby monitor (if your room is far away from your babies and you are worried you won't hear them) 

Change table, you don't have to have one of these but they are defiantly easier on your back when you don't have to bend down to change baby on the ground

Playmat, great for hand/eye coordination as baby grows and something for them to keep them entertained. 

nursery ideas


Be prepared to feed your newborn around the clock—which means, whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, you need to be prepared.

If your breast feeding and your heading out of the house make sure you wear feed appropriate clothing, i.e maternity singlet or top, I didn't think of this with my first baby and ended up having to take my whole dress off in the feeding room at the shopping center!! Lucky they at least had a feeding room or I would have been sitting in my underwear in the middle of the shops!! Babies don't wait, when your baby is hungry, they want to eat NOW!!!

Burp cloth ( Can use swaddle or light blanket)

8- 10 Bottles, start with one and then buy more if that one suits!! The first bottle you buy is not always the best one for your baby. Depending on the baby they can be fussy so it can take a few different styles of bottle for them to get used to the feel of it!!

Persevere, keep trying and don't give up!!

If your baby doesn't take the bottle, try again!! it makes life a lot easier when you need a break, need some sleep or need to go somewhere without your baby

Formula ( if not nursing) I used Bellamy's organic. It is soft on their little stomachs easy to use.

Breast pump ( if you plan to breastfeed) milk storage bags for when you do pump.

Breast pads, for leaking boobs ( you can get these from your local supermarket or health food shop if using organic) 

Nipple cream, I used lansinoh

Bottle warmer and bottle sterilizer (personally I didn't find these necessary or that they made life any easier!! you can save your money and go simple with a pot and boiling water)  

Breast and bottle feeding a newborn baby


2-3 Large boxes of newborn nappies ( I chose to use disposable however there are amazing cloth nappies available now if that's what you choose to use)

2-3 Large boxes of unscented baby wipes 

Tub of nappy cream (I used Sudocrem and found it amazing)

Nappy bag, make sure it has a few different compartments to make it easier to find different items and that it is large enough to fit everything you need when your out.

Change mat, a lot of nappy bags come with change mat

Baby getting a nappy change


Car seat/ capsule, Some prams have an attachment so that you can clip your baby capsule in and out of the car and straight into the pram without getting the baby out. Genius!!!

Pram, when you are ready to leave the comforts of your home, get some fresh air and exercise, you will need a pram!! Not only is it a required mode of transport, the pram can be helpful for some babies who have trouble getting to sleep. Be sure that the pram you choose is easy to fold up and not to heavy to lift in and out of your car. Choosing a pram is a very personal choice so go to a few different shops before having your newborn baby and trial out a few before you make your decision!! 

Baby carrier or sling- Not a must but very handy to have if your baby just wants to be close to you to sleep but you want/ need to give your arms a rest!! Also a great option for places where it is difficult to take a pram.

Baby bath or baby chair that goes into the bath along with baby wash, this doesn't have to be anything fancy just something that will keep baby comfortable and safe while in the bath.


Baby pram, baby bassinet, baby capsule


First aid kit

Baby thermometer 

Cotton bubs

Nasal spray and bulb 

Diffuser, essential oils 


Baby first aid kit




You don't need everything straight away, you can always add as you go!!

You will get a lot gifted to you at your baby shower!! 

Go with your gut, if you think its unnecessary, chances are your probably right!!



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