Some parents might think that this is the longest most painful/annoying holiday break of their lives

BUT try to remember to enjoy this time with your kids!!! They are only little for such a short time and soon enough they will be out and about and all you will miss this time with them!

Anyway here are some activities that we do to keep our kids, happy, entertained and without spending any money!!


The weather is crap, its raining what to do............. 

Give your kids an umbrella and gumboots and send them outside to explore!! This keeps our girls entertained for hours!! They come inside usually wet and muddy but with big smiles on their little faces 

Toddler girl with black umbrella


And by back yard I mean somewhere close to home that you haven't seen before!!

Recently we ventured out to Twin Falls bush and waterfall walk!! It's about 4km round trip and not hard with kids, Indy walked the whole way bare foot!! (not planned, she just forgot her shoes!!) 

Twin Falls Circuit | Springbrook National Park - Brisbane Kids

We had a few days of rain and the day we went was no different, however the massive trees and forest covers you from a lot of the rain and the waterfalls and scenery really turn up when it's raining. 

Twin falls springbrook Qld


Teach them easy card games that you used to do as a kid, 




pack of playing cards


Get creative and back to your child side and build a fort!! Use sheets, towel, blankets, whatever you have. We are lucky enough to have a pop up camping tent that we put in the lounge for the girls to load up with all their favourite toys and books and even let them sleep in it together (not much sleeping was done mind you) 

inside fort for kids

 Ours did not look this pretty BTW haha 


If you are lucky enough to have a pool, well then there is hours of entertainment in itself. However if you are like us and don't have a pool then get the trusty sprinkler out and let them run through it or put it underneath the trampoline (if you have one) 

toddler girl running through a sprinkler


Collect house hold items like cans, boxes, paper towel, buttons, egg cartons, bottle tops empty toilet rolls etc

Not all kids are into craft but if you make it fun and centered around there interested then they will get really into it!! 

If they like robots, dinosaurs or monsters get them to make and decorate one out of cardboard boxes or egg cartons - make sure you name it and make a big fuss about how amazing it is. Then once they have finished you can come up with a game to play with it!! 

If its fairy's, princesses or unicorns, make some toilet roll puppets and then get them to put on a puppet show for the whole family.

You could even make it educational and build a paper Mache volcano or mummafie one of their toys- make sure you explain what you are doing and why.

Mermaid toilet roll craft for kids



I don't know about you, but we have an old box of dress up costumes and face paint/ makeup from parties that we have been to in the past. So we just get this out of the garage for the girls and they go crazy with imagination. Its funny to see what characters they come up with in the different costumes!!  If you don't have anything like this lying around then have some fun and let the kids wear some of your clothes and pretend to be you.

toddler girls playing dress up


If you live near a beach, go as often as you can!!! Take a big beach umbrella or cool cobana, CoolCabanas - The World's Best Beach Shelter

Plenty of snacks, water, bucket and spade and you have hours of free entertainment while you sit and relax!! Kids LOVE sand, making sand castles, digging holes, water and splashing

baby girl at the beach


This is a fun one if your kids love music!! We always have music on in the background, so the girls love busting a move all around the house!! What is really fun for them though is we back the car out of the garage so they have a 'dark room' give them anything that glows (they actually have tutus and flower crowns with fairy lights) but you could use a flash light, glow sticks, light on back of bike helmet, fairy lights. Turn the music up loud and let them go for it!! 

glow stick party for kids


I hope these will bring you all some fun and entertainment, i know it has for us 








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